Minor updates such as editing errors are not included here.

2017.03.16 More on the Noun.
2017.02.19 Changed the pronouns so that they have short vowels instead of long. Now the word for throne can be sûl. Should I change back? Added personal pronouns in equative.
2017.02.18 Changed sûl (throne) to zûl to distinguish it from personal pronoun 3 person absolutive (sûl); added the us of apostrophe sign the distinguish between digraphs and compound words such as in gund’hâd (stone hall) dh being a digraph.
2017.02.09 Added the equative case
2017.01.06 Changed the k to g i the root kât- => gât- (lie down) in the ring verse.
2017.01.05 Publicized my hypothetical internal history of the Black Speech where I sketch my version of the relationship between Orcish and the Black Speech and Primitive elvish.
2016.08.25 More on the verb.
2016.08.05 Started the description of the Noun and the Verb; New version the Ring Verse – changes in affix chain of nouns and new words for ‘lie’ and ‘shadow’
2016.07.30 New version of the Ring Verse – now with suffixaufnahme
2016.07.20 New version of the Ring Verse
2016.06.30 Analysis of the Black Speech and Orcish
2016.06.29 The Hurrian suffix chain for positive jussive mode under Hurrian and the Black Speech
2016.06.22 Updated the Svartiska with a description of rules for stress
2016.06.16 Table of sound sound distribution in Phonology
2016.06.14 Phonology
2016.06.04 Svartiska, the swedish LARP-orcish.