VII. Theology

Sauron created a religion of Melkor in Middle Earth during the second age and The Black Speech, or at least Zhâburi as my interpretation of it, has a liturgical function and reflects Sauron’s theology. There is not much known about this religion and I will on this page make my interpretation. For now I have started with a creation myth based on Ainulindalë. See also my post The Theology of Sauron.

In the beginning there was Azgi and then came Ashi. A movement started within Ashi and Azhani came these Wills separated from Ashi and there were Azhani and Manashi . Azhani was manyfold and of different might and all had different goals and they started to form Manashi according to each own will. The mightiest of them, Mâghanashi, who is called Melkor, rised above all other Azhan to bring order so that they may form Manashi according to one will and order. Many of Azhani flocked to Mâghanashi but more went against him and chief among these was Mânav who was almost equal in might with Mâghanashi.

Azgi “Nothingness, the Void
Ashi “The One, Eru”
Azhan “Ainur”
Manashi “proto-substance, substans without form”
Mâghanashi “Melkor”
Mânav “Manwë”