3. Pronouns


Person abs. erg. gen/pos. dir. inst. lok. equ.
1:a exkl. (I/we, but not you) nad nagh nab naz nag nash nazhib
1:a inkl. (we, all of us) gur gugh gub guz gug gush gurib
2:a (you) kai kagh kab kaz kag kash kazhib
3:e (it/they) sul sugh sub suz sug sush sulib
Enclitic personal pronouns  Marks the subject of intransitive verbs and the object of transitive verbs as in gimbatul (to find them)
1 person exkl. -ad
1 person incl. -ur
2. person -ag
3 person -ul
Enclitic possessive pronouns Marks the owner of nouns. Ex. snagabul (its snaga)
1 person excl. -bad
1 person incl. -bur
2. person -bag
3 person -bul