Zhâburi: A star shines on the hour of our meeting

by Björn Axén

In the last post I wrote a Angband Orcish version of the Quenya greeting elen síla lúmenn’  omentielvo “a star shines on the hour of our meeting”. Here is the same sentence in Zhâburi.

Zhân shilugar zhûm-ishi banar-bak’khu

A star shines [repeatedly; usually] on the hour of our meeting

zhân “star”
shil- “shine”; -u- intransitive; -g present tense; -ar iterative aspect, marking that this is usually the case.
zhûm”hour”, “time”
-ishi “on the”
banar “meeting”
-bak “our” (1 person inclusive)
–khu “of”, genitive

Which can be compared to the one in Angband Orcish

Zhán shila zhúm-shi banar-ghu dimba.