Changes: pronouns, the directive and words from Valarin

In the true spirit of Tolkien I cannot settle on details of the language. I have decided to change the directive suffix and the some of the pronouns. The pronouns of Zhâburi B has never been stable but I hope that the latest version will hold. For the first time in my work with Zhâburi I am content with every pronoun. For a long time I struggled with the 3 person which I wanted to contain the element of u and l because of the -ul-parts in the Ring inscription. In Zhâburi A 3 person was based on luzh and now I have settled at last on sul. But instead the 2 person has given med problems but now I discard inspired by Hurrian and settle for lat which the 2 person singular in all other dialects except David Salo’s. I also settled for a very conform structure for the different case forms where each pronoun has a basic stem CV; the ergative has an ending consonant and for the other cases the case suffix is simply attached to the basic stem.

Person abs erg gen pos dir loc ins equ
1 person excl. shid shigha shikhu shiba shiza shishi shizi shana
1 person incl. kad kagha kakhu kaba kaza kashi kazi kana
2. person lat lagha lakhu labu laza lashi lazi lana
3 person sul sulgha sulkhu sulba sulza sulshi sulzi sulna

I have also changed the directive from –bi to –na. I was not really happy with the suffix -bi (taken from Elvish). The replacing ending is taken from Hurrian –nna.

I am also planning on publishing a wordlist of the Zhâburi words taken from Valarin.