The Ring verse updated

by Björn Axén

The Ring verse had to be updated. When writing about the Descriptive I changed it so it agrees with the word it describes. When it agrees with nouns it is subject to suffixaufnahme. In the third line (nine for mortal men doomed to die) the descriptive ‘fundadash’ (doomed/judged) agrees with the directive of ‘tarkgoth-za’ (to the lords of men)  suffixaufnahme –diza have to be added. Because of the additional syllables the sentence need to be shortened so ‘goth’ (lord) of ‘tarkgoth’ had to be deleted.

In addition I have started to develop the vocabulary, bringing it closer to Primitive Elvish (PE). This has given me new words for ‘die’ from the PE word ‘ñgurū’ (death) which becomes ‘gûr’ in Zhâburi B. The intransitive of this is ‘gûru-‘.

The third line is thus changed from Krith fundadash maum tarkgoth-za to Krith fundadash-diza gûrum tark-za.

The word for ‘stone’ has been changed from ‘gund’ (Svartiska) to gûd (Primitive Elvish gondo) following the same peinciples as ‘ñgurū’ to ‘gûr’. Interestingly the Svartiska word for stone is quite similar to the PE ‘gondo’ and is probably inspired by Sindarin ‘gond’. The word ‘gund’ for stone can also be found in the orcish dialects Land of Shadows, Horngoth and MERP. In Svartiska and MERP another word for ‘stone’ is – gur.